Saturday, July 16, 2011

Holiday Round-up

I loved this holiday, I felt it was just the right mix of busy-busy-busy and kick-back-and-relax.  I enjoyed doing a lot of our travelling independently this time, but then the tour came at just the right time and it was so nice to hand over the organisational responsibilities to the tour director.

Highlights for me:

·         The morning Paula and I spent in Notting Hill and Portobello market – this was not only a lovely sightseeing adventure, but it was the best quality time Paulz and I have spent together probably ever! 

·         Seeing Colin Firth…. I’m childish like that!

·         Our Paris hotel, it was really lovely

·         Fete de la Musique in Paris - absolutely awesome evening

·         Seine cruise.  I love Paris and viewing it from the Seine is magical

·         The train trip from Paris to Madrid – something so different

·         The San Miguel market in Madrid GOT to go back there!

·         Swimming in the Med – loved the family time we spent on the beach in Spain

·         The village of Mijas

·         Riverdance in Dublin – wow!

·         The day we spent in Dublin with Kieran, going to all the Guinness family places

·         Seeing the Smiths…. Always a highlight.  Lis and Trev go to so much trouble for us every time we stay with them.  They drive all over the place fetching and carrying us, take us to lovely places, allow us to completely take over their house, their laundry, their lives….  AND Lis leaves our favourite choccies on our beds for us, makes the best cup cakes in the world and her special “house coffee” is the bomb. 

·         The New Forest.  My love-affair with the New Forest continues…

·         Debenhams (‘nuff said)

·         Ghost the Musical

·         Dune bashing

·         The fountains outside Dubai Mall

Biggest laugh of the holiday -  a toss up between Grant’s “wardrobe malfunction” (don’t ask!!) on the way back from Putney and Grant throwing a cushion at the head of a crotchety old woman on the train between Madrid and Malaga (unintentionally!)  Oh and let’s not forget Grant’s seal impersonation in Ireland… you see why we love holidaying with Grant!!  He keeps us laughing ALL the time!

Biggest disappointment – the weather on the day we did the Ring of Kerry

Biggest surprise of the holiday – how much scaredy cat me loved the dune bashing.  As Rox said, I was wearing my triple X “big girl panties” ;-)

Best hotel – Hotel des Grands Hommes in Paris

Best meal – Tapas at Oscar’s in Mijas

Worst meal – the lunch we had in Granada, which was unfortunately also the most expensive meal of the holiday!

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