Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 28

We got up fairly early and had breakfast before our tour guide picked us up for our 4 hour tour of Dubai city.  The guide was a very friendly chap and he took us on a really nice tour.  We went onto the palm island and stopped outside the Atlantis hotel,

got good views of the Burj al Arab

went to the Dubai museum (much more interesting than I had expected),

as well as the Jumeira mosque,

caught a water taxi across Dubai Creek to the Spice and Gold Souks ( I enjoyed the Spice Souk, but the gold souk just wasn't my thing at all)

this hideous ring is yet another of the world records in Dubai

and saw various other bits and pieces. 

Our guide dropped us off at the Dubai Mall where we took a walk past the huge glass wall of the aquarium (another World Record) and then went and had lunch at a Chinese restaurant. One of our silly family traditions is to have a meal in a Chinese restaurant in every country we go to…. I have no idea why! 

After lunch Paula and Grant did the "At the Top" thing (they caught a lift to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa (it's not really at the top at all!) at a speed of 10m per second, it took 59seconds to get to the top, you do the maths!!) and Dad, Rox and I returned to our hotel for some down-time. 

Double click to enlarge:

The photos below are taken from "At the Top" - the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa

In the photo above, our hotel is on the extreme left, just above the road

View of our hotel  (zoomed right in!)

At 4pm we met Grant and Paula and we caught a taxi to Mall of the Emirates.  I had pre-booked an hour long lesson for Grant, Rox and Paulz on the ski slope there.  Dad and I went and had coffee at a restaurant with a good view of the ski slopes and got to see the family having their lesson.  What fun!  I thought they all did really well, but Rox especially seems to have a knack for skiing.

 After the skiing fun was over we headed back to Dubai Mall for a pizza supper and popcorn dessert (Weird, but that's what we felt like!) We timed it just right to see the fountains do their thing at 9pm.  This time the music was Arabic, the fountains were awesome, but I definitely preferred last night’s show.

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