Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 23

We had a little lie in this morning and then went down for our final “full Irish breakfast” (which generally consists of a buffet with: fruit and yoghurt, various cereals, egg, bacon, sausages, tomato, baked beans, usually white pudding and toast, with tea/coffee/fruit juice)

We then packed up, before leaving for Dublin airport at 09:30.  We very nervously checked our luggage in, but this time had no problems with being over the 20kgs… because we had learnt something… we loaded our hand luggage like you would not believe!  Dad carried my full week’s worth of dirty laundry in his carry-on bag, thankfully they had no reason to search it, because I think he would have had a hard time explaining the ladies underwear…. LOL!! 

So we staggered through the various parts of the airport, each of us carrying about 10kgs in our hand luggage and very thankfully boarded our place at 12:05.  Jislaaik, I did NOT enjoy our flight to London.  I have realised something important – I do NOT do planes with less than 2 aisles!  This one had one aisle with 3 seats on each side… it was like a little toy plane and it bumped about all the way to London.  When we finally landed Grant had to peel my fingers off the arm rests… I was in some sort of catatonic state, staring fixedly in front of me.  It was really not fun!

Lisa and Trev were there to pick us up and once I got into the car with my BFF and started chatting I felt a lot better.  The girls and I persuaded Lisa that we really HAD to go straight to Sainsbury’s and so she obliged and we wandered around the supermarket for about half an hour, ooohing and aaahing over all the stuff that we can’t get at home… and then, the best bit, we went through the self-service till, where we got to scan our own sweets and chocolates groceries!  Too much of excitement.! We really are sad monkeys!

This evening we had a good ol’ South African braai and I got to meet Lisa’s great niece, Jess, who is the sweetest little one year old poppet!  Good times!

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