Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 13

Today we decided to have a quiet day at the resort.  We slept in and then headed to “our beach”.  Dad had his first swim of the holiday and although he found the water cold and had to be coaxed in, he seemed to enjoy it and even went back for another swim later on… quite a miracle for a man who manages to swim but once a year on the coast!

Once we had had our fill of sea and sun, we went back to our units to take care of some mundane tasks (laundry etc) and then had a lunch of bread, cheese and olives – very good!

At about 5:30pm we caught a taxi to Mijas village.  What an amazing place!  Too gorgeous for words!  It’s a traditional white pueblo (village), with winding streets.  So picturesque! 

Of course there are touristy shops all over the place, but also hidden gems.  I loved this pottery shop we found and parted with quite a few euros there!

We found a tapas bar to have supper at, and it turned out we had hit the jackpot!  What a fantastic supper!  The woman who served us (couldn’t figure out if she was the waitress or the owner) was so sweet and the food was awesome.

After supper we wandered the streets some more, by this time it was very quiet and there were more locals about.  We had a brief "situation" with Paula - she found the horses and donkeys that were working as taxis very heart-breaking and at one point actually burst into tears over a horse that looked a bit hot and tired.  I totally get where she is coming from, this type of thing upsets me too, but unfortunately when you travel (and even at home!) you come across this sort of thing and what can you do but try to discourage it as best you can and then move on??

Mijas was definitely one of the highlights of our time in Spain – if you’re ever on the Costa del Sol I would highly recommend making the trip to Mijas.  I have been told that it is way better in the late afternoon/early evening as it can get very crowded with tourist buses earlier in the day.

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