Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 12

Today we caught the bus, provided by our resort, into Fuengirola.  On Tuesdays there is a big street market in Fuengirola and that was where we were headed.  There is an open air restaurant right next to the market which suited Dad and Grant perfectly!  They sat there and drank beer, while us girls wandered around the market.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and came back with some clothes, other odds and ends and lots and lots of fruit and olives.  The fruit here is really good and relatively cheap compared to home.  As for the olives, they are the best!  Stuffed with all sorts of things and utterly delicious.  We joined the men for a jug of sangria and listened to live music being played in the square.  Lovely times...

We then took a walk to find a restaurant for lunch and ended up at a place that served really nice food…. and sangria.  After lunch we did a quick geocache at a nearby park and then caught our bus back to the resort.

The weather today is absolutely gorgeous, so instead of doing the siesta thing (which we’ve become mighty good at!) we headed to the beach.  Having sussed things out over the last couple of days, we decided to head in the opposite direction to last time and bingo!  We found a lovely beach within walking distance of our resort. 

Brace yourselves... the peace sign photo opp has become quite the tradition in our family!

I can’t begin to describe how amazing it was.  I am not a beach person by nature, but I LOVED it.  The four of us bobbed around in the ocean for ages and ages.  There were no waves at all, just gentle swells… too lovely for words.  We then lay on the sand for a while, bobbed a bit more and finally took the walk home.  A perfect afternoon indeed.

Tonight we went to a paella and sangria (yes!) evening with Flamenco dancing at one of the restaurants in the resort.  The paella was awesome (huuuge helpings!), the sangria was excellent and the show was good too.  A really lovely evening was had by all.  It ended up being quite a late night!

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