Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 26

We slept in after our late night and managed to miss breakfast! Not a huge problem as we stopped in at the local Starbucks on our way to Victoria station to catch our tube to the Globe Theatre.
The Globe Theatre tour was intended to be purely an educational outing – just to ensure that our holiday is not only about shopping (in excess), eating (in excess), drinking (in excess) and laughing at stupid jokes…. we try to pack at least one educational outing into (I’m SO tempted to say “each day” at this point, but that would be an outright lie, even “each week” would be stretching the truth a little (OKAY a lot!), so I’ll have to settle for…) each holiday. Turns out the Globe was a lot more fun than we had imagined, maybe we’re becoming culture vultures after all!!

After the Globe we hopped onto a tube and set off for Abbey Road, we were determined to capture a Beatles moment on camera! This was a whole lot more difficult to do than it looks… there are LOTS of people who want to capture their Beatles moments and there are many poor motorists trying to go about their business, having to dodge the silly tourists…. There is a web cam  up in the tree that captures all this silliness on camera!

Having strutted our stuff, we got back on the tube for a final time and went and had lunch and a couple of pear ciders in our “Local”.(…. you'll notice that the minute the Cultural Moment was over we reverted straight back to our wicked ways!)  Then it was time to pack and get our transfer to Heathrow. Charlie met us at the airport for a drink, it was so good to see him again! And then it was onto the plane and the Europe part of our holiday was over!! It went SO fast….

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