Thursday, June 16, 2011

Off we go!

We woke up early on 16 June and by the time we had packed, welcomed Mom and Dad (who are house-sitting a.k.a baby-sitting the Jackie dog for the first week) and said good-bye to all the pets, we didn't have a moment to spare before we left home at 13:30, which was probably a good thing as I never had time to get in a frothy over the flight. 

The trip to Durban was pretty quiet as neither Rox nor Paula were with us as they were spending time with Jono and Calvin.  Jon and Calvin were both at the airport to say good-bye to the girls, so it was a very sweet, but rather tearful start to our holiday ;-)

We flew Emirates to London, via Dubai.  The flights (8:30 hours to Dubai, 2 hours stop-over in Dubai and 6:30 hours to London) felt never-ending.  On the whole I enjoyed the Emirates experience - the food was good and the plane from Dubai to London was gorgeous - it was a huge Airbus A380, with all the mod-cons.  Watching the landing happen live from about 4 different angles was incredible and distracted me from the sheer terror I normally experience at times like those!  BUT in future we'll be flying via Jo'burg, this trip was just too long.  (I hear that we will soon be getting direct flights from Durban to London Gatwick, now THAT would be awesome!)

We checked into our hotel in central London and us girls dived into the shower within moments of arriving (can't say I enjoy going 24hours without a shower!)  Having freshened up and unpacked we took a walk around the neighbourhood and very quickly found our local pub.

We had a really nice pub supper and then made our way back to our hotel and crashed!

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Fifi said...

We also flew Emirites from Durbs and it was long. That flight from dubai to London on the airbus was awesome though! So smooth with absolutely NO turbulance.