Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 4

Considering the forecast, we have been very lucky weather-wise.  This morning was cloudy again, but with no rain.  The plan today was for Dad, Grant and Paula to go to the London Dungeons and for Rox and me to go shopping for her wedding.  We caught the No.24 bus, hopped off at Westminster Cathedral (no Colin this time!) to do a quick geocache on the way and then split up at Leicester Square. 

Rox and I headed directly for Oxford St. where we shopped, and shopped, and shopped somemore.  She found shoes for the wedding and I almost found a "mother-of-the-bride" dress (I'm 90% convinced, but have decided to think about it for a bit)  We finally met up with the others at an Italian restaurant for lunch.... by that stage our feet were telling us it was well past time for a break! 

After lunch Dad, having got the gist of what the afternoon was all about, abandoned us and the rest of us went back to shop somemore.   The girls went off on their own and Grant and I headed to my Happy Place a.k.a Debenhams.  The pounds simply flew out of my pocket!!  After a while I decided that to avoid bankruptcy, it would be best if we left, so we found a Starbucks and parked off there until we had to forcibly tell the girls that they were done.

We then caught a cab back to Trafalgar Square (by this stage our feet had gone on strike) and the bus back to our hotel where we had time for a quick "freshen up" before going to meet Lisa and Trev on the river in Putney for supper.   Had a lovely supper with the Smiths and then headed back to the hotel for bed!  Exhausted!

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