Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 10

This morning we had another slow start, before heading into Fuengirola by taxi.  Fuengirola is the nearest town to our timeshare – very much a touristy town, with MUCH nicer beaches than those in front of our resort. 

Excuse photo quality, the camera is playing up!

On arrival in Fuengirola we decided to take the little “train” that runs on a circular route, passing by all the tourist hot-spots, to give us an idea of what there is to see and do in the town. 

 (We seem to have done the “little train” thing rather a lot this holiday! It works well for us.)

Having done that, we set out in search of a restaurant serving tapas, as we had all agreed that today was the day for tapas!  We found just such a place, without too much trouble and settled down at a table on the side-walk.  We all agreed that this was the best meal we’ve had on our holiday so far!  It was delicious…. we shared plates of olives, bread, chourico sausage, chips, battered prawns, bite sized pieces of chicken and other bits and pieces… with a couple of jugs of sangria to wash it all down.  Very yummy indeed!

After lunch we wandered around the beach front area, popping into various shops, buying the odd momento of our holiday, and eating extremely delicious ice-creams.  That we had space in our tummies for ice-cream after the lunch we had consumed was actually quite disgusting!

We had seen lots of people with corn-rows in their hair and Paula was very pleased to find the lady doing these hair-styles on the pavement, Paulz immediately handed over her money and had her hair done, while I spent some time falling in love with the hairstylist’s little baby boy, Amma… the cutest little babe on the planet for sure… he let me cuddle him and coo at him to my heart’s content, it was bliss!

Eventually we decided it was siesta time (ah yes, a Spanish habit I can truly learn to love!) and caught a taxi back to our resort.  Grant and I landed up in a taxi with a young guy who clearly had a big thing for Elvis… it felt very strange hurtling along a Spanish highway with one Elvis song after another (he didn’t like the slow tunes, skipped those every time) blaring in the background!

The rest of the day was spent tanning on our verandah, moseying around the resort, visiting the super-market etc.  Quiet and peaceful.

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